Blogging is soon becoming the next major vehicle for self-expression vis-à-vis the World Wide Web.  Initially I was a bit apprehensive about starting one myself.  The more I thought about it the more sense it made for me to create my own.  I dare not profess to be an expert on anything, though I do have an opinion on EVERYTHING.  I love life and all that it has yet to teach me—staying clear of those who might try to slow my growth.  I should warn you now that this is not going to be another picture show.  So if you’re in need of pop-up images and theme music to keep your attention then you haven’t even made it to this very sentence; and for that I am grateful.

I’m a lover of the arts, education, commerce, poetry, food, cigars, wine, scotch, women, fashion, anything automotive, politics, physical fitness, animals, travel, technology, and anything that raises a question or starts a healthy conversation.  With these shared interests two very close friends of mine whose opinions I value and trust have opted to join me on this journey.  Vernon L. Johnson and LaCharles Ward are two of the most progressive individuals I know whose passion for what they believe in is second to none. Between the three us, our dialogue will surly be enlightening, entertaining and sometimes combative; which, I think will make for a fruitful blogging experience and an organic convergence of ideals.

We claim to be no more and no less than young honest black men looking for our personal truths. With this, we welcome you to our story as its being written and invite you to be the next edit in our life’s manuscript.  We believe that one is not done living until their story is no longer told.  With that being said….. If you were to die today might I still be introduced to you tomorrow?  Think about it…..

What have you done lately to better your chances of achieving immortality?

Yours truly,

Vincent G. Hardy, Jr.


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