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The Instagram epidemic (a mentality) is a continued and unfortunate trend that I see amongst my peers and those alike, the idea of class warfare being translated into the realm of social media is scary. Instagram is only an example of this type of starvation for gratification through the verbal demonization of other people’s stake in the social media climate. People like entitlement so much, reality is viewed in disillusion.

To update you, Instagram was the 2011 iOS (Apple) app of the year.  The app essentially allows for a person to take pictures with prefixed color and photo enhancement settings. It also allows for a community of iPhone users to follow a person, very similar to Twitter. You may have noticed a key detail from this information; Instagram was originally for iPhone users in the beginning. Recently, they have released a version that is for Android users. Twitter world was met with much happiness and an overwhelming amount of anger. The anger stemmed from mostly iPhone users who now felt their beloved app was convoluted by “poor” and “plentiful” Android users. The iPhone tends to be a more expensive phone because of the hardware and demand. The Android phone is more diverse since it is software based and not constrained to one hardware maker. Nonetheless, both phones are excellent communication devices for any type of buyer. Android phones actually can cost as much or more than an iPhone depending on the model. Android devices also provide options to multiple service providers that may not be the industry best such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile. Thus, the “poor” Android faithful sentiment. The amount of stereotypes and generalizations around this is problematic as you can see.

In observing the anger on Twitter, I could not see nothing but a fight for class that many people do not even fight for in their realities of life. Instead, just like the ease of daily vulgarity via the Internet, people take to the net for their lack of self-progression in dealing with situations within themselves. People are dealing with the glim realities of life everyday that deserve a voice or effort put into them (Chicago violence, financial burdens, shit that just stresses you out, loss of family member or friend, your children’s schools, policies, etc.). The problem arises from this “sticking of the nose” in the air of your peers when exclusivity is warranted. To take this further as it relates to class and race, most of my peers and followers are people of color. It attributes to this growing problem of energy being put into deductive behaviors in communities instead of reductive ideas. My identifying group and any for that matter, cannot afford to keep up such a demeanor. The developers of such an app are riding on more wealth and white privilege than ever, while I see the majority of my followers squabble amongst each other. This has happened historically repeatedly through policies that have created social norms that can be harmful in communities of color. When you point this out, people will say that the community did it to themselves, and thus, exit their blame. Dividing yourself within your own identifying group can be harmful, especially when it comes to materialistic things such as Instagram. There is no need for an ethnocentric mantra to be implemented here or anywhere. The people who get it did not get upset; instead they concentrated their efforts in something of relevance and had another day. This should translate to all things by retaining in a state of humility.


Why I Haven’t Been Tweeting Lately…


Vernon L. Johnson, MPH


Do I have your attention now? Vernon Johnson, a complex person (the perception, I’m actually laid back) who shies’ away from attention when others flock to it. Attention would equivocate to greed and despair for many. We often see people who brag or boast about their opportunities and fortunes so that others may “dick ride” for a lack of better words. In all actuality, the humble people who shine when deserved are doing well in life (money is not the tool of measurement for this happiness), but you or I saying that does not have to be a validation for those truly confident people. They validate themselves, and not in a way as an excuse to be rude to others directly or indirectly. Self-actualization has reached those people. I truly admire folks who strive off their character in a positive light, and can make themselves emotionally vulnerable. Those people who constantly have a braggadocios demeanor or as classified by Merriam Webster as “empty boasting” are just that, empty.


People are fucked up; they have a multitude of different problems ranging from family, work, friends, overall health, sexual abuse, drugs, divorces, financial issues, relationship woes, and a bevy of other problems and issues. The acceptance of reality is probably the biggest problem I see most of all with my peers. The sooner people come to accept their lives and make a road to constant progression; the sooner things will be better.  But back to the topic of this blog post, “Why I Haven’t Been Tweeting As Much…” To be honest, it is not because of the attention seeking themed space that is present as I mentioned earlier, or I that I have not had the time or am trying to make a statement or be low-key, but more so because I have enjoyed life in real-time. I have made time for my loved ones, and am enjoying them. I have traveled, enjoying chic restaurants, networking with other Chicago professionals, drinking wine (conservatively, lol) and working. Working for many is translated as a horrid daily experience, not for me. I am thankful to be where I am in life. As I mentioned before in my earlier post, I let go of the materialistic quota I felt I had to meet. I was free at that point, scared, emotional, but retained my faith in God and my abilities. Humility was not only shown within the innards of myself, it was reflected through my actions and verbiage with those around me.


Lastly, I wish to dispel some things. People often use statements such as, “All men…” “You a hoe if…” “Team…” These are often generalizations and stereotypes I wish people would think about before they conform to them. Instead, I wish people would use “I” statements. I don’t fit in half the shit people say when addressing men. People often have this elevator statement of, “It’s just twitter, nothing to get upset over.” I totally agree with this, but it’s still a reflection of your character, just as your attire, friends, Facebook page, language, etc. The point being don’t be surprised of the consequences of how that may look like, have fun, but what is the cost of cooning 24/7 and using sexually expletive language in every tweet? Another issue is false and gullible reporting. People believe things too quickly, so have credible information. All in all, we have to work to not be judgmental of others if we don’t have our own shit together, and few people have all they’re shit together. I won’t get much love on this post, but like people’s reality of their situations, the truth is inevitable.  Catch me next time same bat channel, same bat time…