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(Jump Man = Dead Man) Is Jordan socially irresponsible?

I am having the hardest time understanding the logic, or rather the lack there of; when I start to think about the violence committed over a pair of shoes. What the hell is wrong with these people? Granted, lets take into account that I am in no way a viable source of information when it comes to the dynamics of the world in which a Sneaker Head exists. But any sensible human being should be able to discern the true level of ridiculousness surrounding this product!!

I refuse to try to wrap my head around peoples’ excitement for any newly released product because Apple, Inc. has successfully built a cult and I am about 2 products from becoming a full fledged member! My point of inquiry in this whole sneaker thing is: “Where does Michael Jordan stand on this issue?” How does it feel to put your name on a product that people are killing and starting riots over?

This beast of a consumer that seeks the newly released shoe, (that is only released once a year in a limited supply, almost asking for problems with that whole supply and demand thing we all study) is hell bent on getting what they want. I honestly believe that my lack of understanding stems from an equal lack of interest.

But when we bring up the the topic of social responsibility the definition really depends upon how someone feel about it. Everyone is going to have an opinion, and this is fine, this blog encourages it LoL!! As a public figure, role model to the masses and an icon in every sense of the word I believe MJ has a responsibility to actively speak out about the violence that this product has brought about. Those who are as influential as he know the power a few of their words can have. So open your mouth! If President Obama released a line of dress socks and there were riots and muggins at Brooks Brothers and Jos. A Bank stores don’t you think people would want him to say something about it….?

Any way it’s just a thought. I can assure you that I wont be breaking my neck for a pair of sneakers….. EVER! But to those who do I wish you the best of luck in your dangerous plight to acquire this shoe you treasure so dearly. In the mean time I’ll stick to the Nike products that work well for me: Cole Haan, nike running shoes and flip flops lol.

Safe Shopping Sneaker Heads!!



Two years ago I saw an AT&T commercial featuring this guy who had a great idea. He delivered simple, comfortable, stylish, and exceptionally made shoes to impoverished children in different parts of the world. His name is Blake Mycoskie.

Many of these children grow up barefoot and can develop soil-transmitted diseases such as Podoconiosis(a debilitating and disfiguring disease), which is reported to affect millions of children across the world. He opened TOMS Shoes with the, “One for One” shoe campaign. For every pair of TOMS purchased, a pair of these shoes will go to a child who needs them. This in my eyes, is a noble public health and humanitarian initiative. The shoes are based on an Argentinean farmer style. The shoes are made in Argentina, Ethiopia, and China. Blake Mycoskie took the initiative in making sure the work conditions and wages are fair and safe for the workers. Can Michael Jordan say this of his shoes? I think not. Buy a pair of TOMS today, you are doing more than you think. Furthermore, you are looking pretty stylish doing so.


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