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Frolic across the tear laden tissue skewed haphazardly about the desires of her heart I try not.

Far from being a man is the one who cares not for her feelings but only for that feeling he gets when they’re feeling…

Too much to loose she has when she lets him savor her sweet nectar… but she lets him because she thinks she has to.

Afraid of being alone she gives him her treasure, hoping and praying, convincing herself that this will keep him, this time it’s different, he is different, this time is the last time.

Sorry, but this time is now “last time” cuz the next time you’ll be thinking of the last time hoping that that time won’t lead to another next time looking at last time…

Another notch on your belt has been etched by the acid of another passionless romance. Who’s to blame?


Sitting static in a pond without ripples is the imagination of those without a yearning for an understanding of all things implied.

If not on their island where the dimensions are explicit and there exists no unknown they find themselves baffled, confused and uncomfortable.

This is an ode to the explorer’s spirit.  Charting the rough waters in the sea of individualism.  Building bridges to unknown land connecting curiosity with reality making a marriage of infinite possibilities.

Threading the massive vessel of determination through the narrow canal of unfair barriers and un-subscribed limitations.  We are a people who inhabit the uninhabitable; not by choice but rather by force, yet we still thrive.  You will not write us off!

I compose the score to which my life dances to.  The high notes in the last movement will bring a close to my life’s work.  Tending to the beacon in the lighthouse on the dark waters edge will be me protecting my legacy.

This Poem was written to honor the memory of my fraternity brother’s mother.  It was recited at her memorial service.  By far one of the most important things I’ve ever written.


With the help of the divine she gave me the gift of life.  My first cold harsh breath, resulting in a shrill loud cry was as sweet a note as any to her ears.  Squirming, loud, red, and wrinkled; yet she was the first to say he’s perfect.

We all know that this day will come. Laying the first woman you ever loved to rest is never easy, is he wrong to be selfish? To want her for one more second, one more warm meal, one more I love you, one more hug and kiss.  Her smiling face floats in the mists of his memories where she’ll live forever. Here is where she’ll never leave him.

Branded is the soul with the love of a mother. An eternal flame, flickering like any other, grows and diminishes with time, but never will it be extinguished. Its warmth can be called on when we’re at are lowest and its light shines when we’re at our darkest.

Only in true love do needs and wants coincide.  The only entity capable of occupying two places simultaneously yet in each domain it’s the remedy to a different pain.  And it is because of she who loved first that we’re able to love at all.


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Expectations have been exceeded and all of my preconceived notions no longer exist. Because of him my insecurities are irrelevant; vanishing with every gentle touch. To him my obvious and unbecoming flaws are invisible.

Without effort or a second thought he’s disregarded my past. Ironically it’s a past that’s led me to him. My former companions are never mentioned. To him it’s unnecessary to dabble in discussions of those that are no where near being equivalent to him.

Instead, his hands, eyes, mind, and heart are focused on me. His warmth calms me. With eye contact he draws and keeps my attention; pulling me. Without hesitation I move closer. With every deep breath I take in all of him; his scent, his presence, his energy.

I become high. An indescribable high. Intoxication? For me to describe our time spent together as an intoxicated state would truly distort it’s beauty. In no way does that explanation do our experience the justice that it so righteously deserves. I become elevated…..romantically. A level of flight that I am honored to enjoy.

Our connection is rare. Our encounter was inevitable. I accept this moment and welcome it with open arms. Anxiously, I look forward to the next time I’m privileged to embrace him.

Don’t Write me Off

Emulating that of which I think will give me status in my small group of peers.

In this minute sample of the whole I find my solace by way of pacifying my ignorance.

Insecurities of my intellect cause me to shy away from those whom I might learn from.  Whose fault is that?

Ridiculed by the learned as dead weight, slowing the evolutionary process of the cultured; though you’ve yet to help me peel back the cataract covering the lens through which I see life.  Rather you put blinders on me like a steed and label me a degenerate.

Funny how you’re threatened by someone who is only trying to do better.  You are the molasses society trudges through.

But I continue to push, relishing each victory, no matter how trivial, for what it’s worth.

Soon I will pass you for your resistance to my advancement will weaken.  But this is where we differ…. Rather than leaving you to perish I hoist you over my shoulder and take you with me.

Celebrate the good in all people, more so in those that don’t celebrate others.  So that they may see the joy it brings.

My complaining compliments my ignorance.

Why do I allow their efforts to convert my kinetic to static?  Slumped over with broken shoulders and a fist full of hate.  Back broken from hiding my face and not keeping faith.

Exempt I thought I was to life’s sting, walking through a swarm of killer consequences, eventually getting caught my Queen Karma.

Facing my fait would have waived the weight of failure, saving my pride…

Intrepid strides toward the summit of now’s terrain I will mount, using Mother’s bitter sweet bread crumbs to make my return route.

Pack up the lesson life teaches because the final is all inclusive.  Don’t get caught on judgment day without your goodwill portfolio!

The happening of our happening caused happenings.  Re-drafting the longitudinal displacement of our existence.

I’m the explorer that chartered her valleys in their vastness.  Exploring the possibility of a tomorrow.

I conquered and transformed her terrain………… relocating her poles and splitting her equator upsetting the placid state of her heart, shifting her platonic plates shaking her very essence.

In her domain I’ve found my refuge.  I shook her and she sheltered me.