My “Ratchet” TV Fix Explained…

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Entertainment & Arts, Social Issues, Vernon L. Johnson

Have you ever seen the movie the “Matrix?” It is a sci-fi action thriller that took on an interesting plot and scenario. Essentially, people were plugged into machines to have their lives simulated. Neo or “The One” has figured out that his reality is not reality. He can see and alter the actual coding in the simulated environment, to make it simple, he the shit. We should all aim to have that perspective as Neo did. Although, that clout of perception can be disguised in a multitude of ways. In the movie, some people did not want to wake up out of the pseudo-reality they created for themselves, and would even try to stop or kill Neo in his fight against the machines. This introductory story will prove noteworthy later on.

I have a short list of guilty pleasures that includes watching reality televisions shows that have demonized African-Americans, I log into World Star Hip-Hop which includes a bevy of topics such as sex, violence, ignorance, constant objectification (women, men, children, etc.), and more violence and sex. I see these things as a mixture of curiosity and allowed ignorance on my part. Yes, allowed ignorance, this is something that I just made up. I think it is a credible word. To me, it means that I am self-aware of the digressive act I am about to partake in, but I do not internalize it. That means I can watch these things, and you will not hear nor see the effects of what I have seen infused into my thought process and actions in my life. Whereas some folks watch these things on television, and internalize what they are seeing into their thought process in having a relationship, how to raise children, how to dress, and even how to talk to people when situations have heightened (it seems fighting is the only answer on most these shows). Another bothersome factoid is how people in similar situations as these reality TV stars are the main ones who criticize them. That is an another blog post in itself in the sheer lack of vulnerability and ownership of one’s actions and feelings. The television shows fail to show the majority of people who have similar situations. For instance, if you are a man who is playing several women (Stevie J), and have several children, a television character may make this look appealing (he usually has a lot of money or makes you perceive that). Some real men may try to live out this fantasy to only have made things more difficult for themselves and those around them. In reality, many of these same types of men in similar situations suffer from depression, no employment, child custody battles, little time to see their children, little education, and have turmoil in their relationships with their partners. It creates a revolving cycle of bullshit. Please excuse my French. These are the vertical messages being fed into society. There are more stereotypes, generalizations, and people who gave up in fighting those stereotypes and generalizations. This is where people lose sight.

Some people do not know how to tell the difference or even worse, do not want to tell the difference. Remember the movie “The Matrix?” The scariest people are those who recognize and act on their ignorance and ratchedness a midst the consequences. Is this not similar to the behavior of many people we see in reality television shows? The hordes of people who yell “Worldstar” as they record an event that could lay them behind bars? I guess there are folks who are Neos, some who are agents, and some who are people who do not want to wake up. Which one are you? I do not want people to feel bad for watching these things (I don’t!), instead, I pray you have the vision to know the difference. Love, hope, charity, and faith.     



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